Windows Server 2005 was the 2nd ever version of Windows Server released in June of 2005 and revealed in October of was mainly aimed for businesses; most large box stores like Target; Walmart or the more local (for me anyways) Meijer. It was released alongside Windows XP Media Center 2005 edition due to its delay to June 27, 2005 from December 18, 2004 in early 2004. Windows Server 2005 was originally named Windows Codename Willam due to a coding error that prevented it being called Windows Codename William...Most people stuck with Server 2003 which was priced at $200 compared to Server 2005's $600 due to it having some of Longhorn (later Vista)'s features and some decided to wait for the theorized 2008 release of Windows Server called Windows Server 2008...only about 25,000 copies were sold and about 30,000 were manufactured, therefore Server 2005 is extraordinarily rare to come across. there is no ISO's or any footage of the OS, making it lost media.